Unfair Parking Tickets Are Giving Cities a Good Revenue Source

My brother lives on a cul de sac, one of five connected into a street from the main street. At the entrance of this tract is a street sweeping sign:

“No Parking All Streets in this Tract 12 noon to 3 PM Friday Street Sweeping”

The only problem is, there is only one sign that covers the whole tract.

no parking sign
Only one no parking sign covers five cul de sacs and one street. Is tis fair?

The city should sweep the streets. That would not be possible if there are cars parked there. However, there should be more signs and people should be made more aware of the signs. No one should be expected to stop at a corner of a street to read a sign because it might pertain to a place he will park in, several blocks away.  Not knowing about the sign will result in a $60 fine.


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Does Donald Trump Pay Taxes?

Donald Trump pays federal taxes. There maybe years in which he won’t to offset losses, but as with all of the top 1%, the tax burden falls to them, not in percentage of income, but as percentage in total taxes paid.

During the  the presidential debate in September 2016, Hillary Clinton stated that the only time he went public with his taxes, it showed that Donald Trump paid no federal taxes.  Trump interrupted Clinton while she was making her point. He said that it makes him smart. This created talking points with Democrats and the media that Donald Trump does not pay taxes.


head of Donald Trump foreground on tax forms
Yes, Donald Trump pays taxes.

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  • Donald Trump’s Taxes: Flickr