Does Donald Trump Pay Taxes?

Donald Trump pays federal taxes. There maybe years in which he won’t to offset losses, but as with all of the top 1%, the tax burden falls to them, not in percentage of income, but as percentage in total taxes paid.

During the  the presidential debate in September 2016, Hillary Clinton stated that the only time he went public with his taxes, it showed that Donald Trump paid no federal taxes.  Trump interrupted Clinton while she was making her point. He said that it makes him smart. This created talking points with Democrats and the media that Donald Trump does not pay taxes.


head of Donald Trump foreground on tax forms
Yes, Donald Trump pays taxes.

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  • Donald Trump’s Taxes: Flickr

Is the California Drought Caused by Climate Change?

To solve the California or world drought problem, tax dollars should be spent on the drought, not climate change.

I remember in February 2014 when President Obama came to California to address the drought. He used it as an excuse to allocate $1.5 billion taxpayer money for climate change. Half a billion went to welfare for California farmers and the other $1 billion went to counter the effects of climate change.

california desert from a car window
California is 25% desert with a population of 39 million. Of course, there will be a drought when the rains stop.

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  • California Desert: Ben Baligad
  • Waterfall: Ben Baligad
  • Polar Bear: Ben Baligad