Walking into the Women’s Restroom

The men’s restrooms at Walmart is similar to the ones at Costco. The men’s room at Costco, is on the right, and the women’s on the left. I went to the restroom at Walmart. I had to go. I was in a rush. I didn’t read the signs. I went to the right, as I usually do at Costco. It was the wrong restroom.

I am on blood pressure pills and drink a lot of coffee. That makes me go to the restroom quite a bit. I am a frequent Walmart and Costco customer. Owned by the same company, the restrooms provided there are similar in structure. One day, on my way to Walmart, I had to urinate really bad. I made it, driving faster than usual and by walking fast and awkward.

man looking bewildered
It was not intentional, but I walked in and used the women’s restroom.

The Walmart restroom entrance is a doorway with water fountains in the middle. The left of the doorway is usually the women’s restroom and the right, the men’s. I had been to this restroom before. It is different from the others. Unlike the others, this one had the women’s restroom to the right and the men’s to the left. I went into the wrong one.

I did not notice that the restroom did not have men’s urinals. There were only had toilet enclosures.  I did notice there was one person sitting in the toilet on the second enclosure. It was closed. I took the fourth enclosure. My urine hitting water made was loud. It is clearly a different sound than if I was a woman sitting down. When I was finished, I came out of the booth and there was a heavy set lady, looking at me with rage. She lectured me in a foreign language, probably Spanish. I did not realize what I did until she pointed to the “Women” sign.

I looked at the sink. I wanted to wash my hands, but I left rather hurriedly and apologetically. I then paused and looked. The lady was not looking, so I went to wash my hands in the men’s room. I was only there shopping to buy one item – a package of socks.  I wanted to leave fast in case anyone from security wanted to get to me.  It was an honest mistake. I can’t be in that much trouble. Although worried, I decided to buy my socks.

About 50 feet from the register check out was the lady. She had the janitor’s cart so she apparently was the janitor. I observed her the whole time I was in line to pay. She was not even looking around, so apparently, she was over it and she did not tell anyone. I was still on guard for a security officer coming to talk or apprehend me. I paid and left without further incident.

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