Is the California Drought Caused by Climate Change?

To solve the California or world drought problem, tax dollars should be spent on the drought, not climate change.

I remember in February 2014 when President Obama came to California to address the drought. He used it as an excuse to allocate $1.5 billion taxpayer money for climate change. Half a billion went to welfare for California farmers and the other $1 billion went to counter the effects of climate change.

corn maze in a farm
Farmers struggle during drought. Many blame climate change.

That meant more years of drought with no real solutions. Desalination plants would be a solution. Pipelines to the east coast where there is an abundance of water is another solution.  The $1 billion was spent without providing an ounce of water.

If there is an overabundance of carbon dioxide as climate change alleges, the solution is simple: get rid of the cars that spew them out. Replace them with solar vehicles. But who can afford them? How many Tesla’s do you see on the road? That is how many that can afford them. Can the US afford to provide Teslas to all of its residents? How about the tractors that till the fields for the farmers, the trucks that haul the goods to the stores, the planes that fly and the ships that sail. Can we afford to make them all solar?

You can’t stop there. Even if that happens, the rest of the world would have gasoline cars, trucks, planes and ships. It is the same atmosphere. To fix the carbon dioxide problem, the rest of the world should also follow suit.

What are the Consequences?

Scientists have not made a believable case for dire consequences. They said the polar bears will become extinct. Not true, depending on what you read. I would think that if carbon dioxide is good for plants, plants would thrive.  In spite of many scientists advocating the contrary, others say it is hard to determine.

Read any article on climate change. Many are riddled with words like, this “could” or “may” happen. Read it with an open mind. Few out of many are written with absolute certainty. Look at the ending paragraphs. More often than not, they often contain explanations other than climate change.  It is a window out, in case they are wrong.

There have always been floods, droughts, freezing weather, hurricanes, tornadoes… ask yourself. Have they been extreme? My observation is, it is not even close. The Arctic ice is melting, but the Antarctic isn’t. But what was the ice before it froze? The earth deals in cycles. The ice was water.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

With a clear agenda to promote the outcome, the government spends billions of tax payer dollars each year, and come up with no real solutions.   They advance the claim that 97% of scientists agree with the evils of climate change, which is not true. The scientists who promote the hysteria get the funding and the climate skeptics do not. In the mean time, the taxpayers foot the bill.

Dealing With the Consequences

We cannot keep spending tax dollars when the government has not proven their case. If there is such a thing as climate change, we should deal with the with its consequences, rather than the cause. Or, deal with the earth’s cycles. They can blame it on climate change, if they must. But, taxpayer dollars should have a clear benefit. We cannot do anything about hurricanes, Arctic ice melting, floods, tornadoes and so forth. But, we can do something about the drought.

If we have billions to spend, why not water systems? Invest in diverting the water from the flood prone areas to the drought stricken areas. Invest in desalination plants. They say desalination plants are expensive, but with some ingenuity, costs can be brought down.  It is an alternative to giving tax dollars to bureaucrats with no results.

About 25% of California is desert. By far, it is the most populous state with 39 million people. When the cycle of little to no rainfall hits, of course there will be a drought. There have been droughts in California before, but the rains have always come back. With the population steadily increasing, there is more of a need for investment in water systems, not to study climate change.

We cannot stop there. About one third of the earth is desert.  As the earth population increases, fresh water is becoming more scarce. The rest of the world need water systems. As long as it is collected, why not put tax dollars to work for the people?

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